What comes to mind when you think of Ohio? Probably not waterfalls I'm assuming. Well, I'm here to share with you Ohio's best kept secret, and guess what...it's a waterfall!! Corkscrew Falls used to be on private property, so no one really knew about it. Now that it belongs to Hocking Hills State Park it is gaining popularity. Please note you must have a permit to explore (takes a month) and you are not actually allowed in the water. We were unaware of this when we went. Had we known, we would of not jumped in. For the sake of keeping this place a hidden gem, I am not geotagging it, but if you really want to see it, feel free to contact me for directions. 

*again, we were unaware we were not supposed to be in the water, so if you go, please be respectful of the parks wishes -- there are no signs that state to keep out of water, but a ranger told us there*

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